Unsafe Working Practices Continue to Threaten Workers’ Health and Cause Head Injuries

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) are at the forefront of revolutionising the construction industry.

Every year dozens of individuals suffer catastrophic injury and trauma, not to mention fatal accidents as the result of breaches of health and safety law within Britain’s construction industry.

The Health and Safety Executive are at the forefront of trying to ensure that standards improve and to maintain the health and safety of those employees most vulnerable.

Thackray Williams have been involved in numerous cases and which we represent employees who have suffered injury whilst in the course of their employment, including within the last year a serious head injury as a result of suspected breach of health and safety and/or negligence whilst the Claimant was an employee of the Defendant company.  As a result thereof the Claimant sustained serious head injuries causing permanent brain damage and cognitive impairment.

In such cases, we assess whether there has been a specific breach of statutory duty and/or negligence on behalf of the employer.

It is beholden upon any employer to ensure that they provide a safe system of work, including safe place of work, safe tools and equipment and competent fellow employees.

Before any specific task is undertaken an employer must ensure that an appropriate Risk Assessment has been undertaken to ensure that the particular task, the relevant work equipment and training are sufficient and appropriate.

Despite the fact that the health and safety legislation and various guidelines, as well as the Health and Safety Executive are more prescriptive than ever there is still unfortunately a great deal of bad practice within the industry and quite simply many incidents occur because of the lack of any, or any sufficient Risk Assessments.

Thackray Williams would therefore support any legislation that is introduced to help safeguard those employees and individuals who work within construction and to ensure their safety while during the course of their employment.

It is incumbent upon any employer to ensure that they carefully assess each specific task and systematically quantify the risks and consequences associated with such.

Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations (PUWER) includes duties to ensure that all work equipment is maintained in good working order and significant consequences can result from failure to ensure the upkeep of work equipment across all types of industry and particularly construction.  Upkeep and maintenance of work equipment will ultimately reduce the risks of accidents, as well as sufficient education and training, alongside Risk Assessments as detailed above.

It is incumbent upon all employers to ensure that they have the relevant health and safety in place to protect those who work for them and to ensure a safe place of work and safe equipment.

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