Head Injuries occur on a daily basis and can range from a minor bump, a visible wound to severe and permanent life long brain injuries.

Due to the potentially significant effects that a head injury can cause they all require immediate assessment. However, the symptoms of a head injury can take several hours to develop.

A head injury is classed as any type of trauma that leads to an injury of the scalp, skull or brain.

There are three main types of brain injury:-

1. Open

An open head injury relates to the breaking of the skull, but this does not necessarily lead to brain injury.

2. Closed

There is an injury to the head, however, the pressure or force is not sufficient to effect the structure of the skull.

3. Concussion

The most common and minor type of head injury.  Symptoms of concussion should still be monitored as they can lead to more severe brain injury.

It can be possible to submit a claim for compensation for any of these head injuries.

A traumatic injury is a term which refers to physical injuries to the head which are severe and require immediate medical attention. The result can be permanent serious impairment or loss of bodily function.



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