The Specific Needs for Care and Case Management of Brain Injured Clients

All professionals, both legal and clinical who work to assist those individuals that have sustained brain injury understand how significant the effect of such injury upon not only the injured individual, but also on those people surrounding that person, including their families.

Clearly, each case must be dealt with on its own particular facts and evidence and our experience at Thackray Williams is that each individual is completely different and has their own particular needs and requirements.

The nature and extent of the brain injury will determine the effect on an individual’s ability to work, as well as his or her social and domestic life.  The key issues are in terms of appropriate rehabilitation and care provided by suitable and qualified clinicians.

Injured individuals can be assisted by specialist organisations, including Headway with whom Thackray Williams work hand in hand.

Clearly each individual case is assessed on its own merits and we provide not only legal advice, but also guidance and referral as regards the therapy and support networks, namely Headway.

In all head injury claims it is vital to accurately identify the best possible medico legal experts and specialists to assess the nature and extent of the injury, condition and future prognosis.

Without proper assessment and clinical evidence it is impossible for lawyers to accurately quantify the potential value of the claim as regards to both general damages for pain and suffering and loss of amenity and special damages for specific costs, including care, rehabilitation and medical support.

Thackray Williams will involve experts from a myriad of specialist areas, including neurology, neuropsychology, psychiatric, orthopaedic, physiotherapy, as well as speech and language therapists and indeed those working to provide care and rehabilitation.  These various disciplines work alongside each other and in conjunction with Thackray Williams’ specialist team to ensure that we can provide compensation enabling the correct care, support and equipment necessary to enable individuals to rebuild their lives and to obtain the best possible outcomes for the future.

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