Recognising the Subtle Signs of a Traumatic Brian Injury

The human brain is a complex structure and it is estimated that scientists only know less than 5% of what there is to be known about the brain. Accordingly, brain injury claims are one of the most difficult areas of personal injury law. The difficulty starts before Solicitors get involved, with traumatic brain injuries often

Double tragedy hospital negligence victim wins millions

Lightning can sadly strike in the same place twice and that was certainly the case for a young woman who was born suffering from cerebral palsy and had her disabilities greatly worsened by hospital negligence when she was a teenager. However, her lawyers have now secured her a seven-figure compensation pay-out. The woman’s twin died

Crime Victim’s £3 Million Award Causes Legal Quandary

Compensation paid to victims of violent crime must never benefit those who caused their injuries. However, when assaults are committed in a family context it is often extremely difficult to ensure that that does not happen. The Court of Protection faced up to that difficulty in a case involving a man in his 20s who

Judge Maps Out Future of Badly Injured Toddler

The family courts are there to protect the vulnerable, particularly children. In a case which illustrated the point, a judge mapped out the future care of a two-year-old boy who suffered brain damage and other serious injuries at the hands of his father. The boy was four months old when he was taken to hospital

£8 Million Payout for ‘Deficient’ Post-Natal Care

Lawyers representing a seven-year-old boy who was stricken by catastrophic brain damage after his hospital birth have achieved an £8 million settlement of his case – and a public NHS apology for the deficiencies in his post-natal care. The youngster, who cannot walk or speak, was left with profound lifelong cerebral palsy after medics mishandled

Medical Negligence Claims Succeed – No Matter How Complex

Victims of medical negligence can win compensation for their injuries decades after the event and no matter how complex their cases may be. The family of one young man found that out when lawyers succeeded in winning him £3.9 million in damages 14 years after he suffered a catastrophic seizure. The man, aged 25, was

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