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  • Bicycle Helmets and the Law
    Thackray Williams Cycling Club understands the joys and pleasures of cycling. The club is often seen on Sundays peddling around enjoying the Kent countryside. All members of the Thackray Williams Cycling Team wear high visibility clothing and a bike helmet, and Thackray Williams would always recommend that this is done;…
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  • Useful Brain Injury and Head Injury Contacts
    Useful Links There are a number of associations of support, guidance and information regarding brain injuries not only for the person affected but also for their family and friends. Headway South East London & North West Kent 0208 1857775 NHS Online Health Encyclopaedia – Symptoms, Causes, Treatment and Prevention…
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  • Your Questions Answered: Compensation for Brain Injuries
    Every year approximately 125,000 people suffer from some sort of brain injury which requires hospital admission in the UK. This can be from a variety of causes such as accidents at work, clinical negligence, road traffic accidents, or accidents in public places. Whatever the cause injuries can change lives in…
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  • The risk of a traumatic brain injury
    Who is most at risk of a traumatic brain injury? There are 10,000.00 to 20,000.00 hospital visits for head injury per year. Anyone, at any time of their life can be a victim of a traumatic brain injury. However, statistics show that the most vulnerable sections of society are males…
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  • What to do when someone hits their head
    What should you do when someone hits their head? Medical assessment and treatment should be sought and follow medical advice. In brief, symptoms that can be helpful for head injuries include:- Headaches – especially if they do not go away despite pain killers. Problems speaking, confusion or unusual behaviour. Drowsiness…
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  • Types of Head Injuries
    Head Injuries occur on a daily basis and can range from a minor bump, a visible wound to severe and permanent life long brain injuries. Due to the potentially significant effects that a head injury can cause they all require immediate assessment. However, the symptoms of a head injury can…
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  • Brain Injuries: Important Legal Points to Consider
    Brain injuries can be caused by a wide variety of events. Whatever the cause, there is one thing in common with all series brain injuries, the fact that in an instant lives are completely changed and the effect could last for the rest of the sufferers life. The first step for…
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  • Stroke
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